Our Work

ACIR works with innovators, companies, organizations and governments to help them successfully move their innovations into the market. With our network of national and international partners, including some of the top universities in the United States, our services include everything from creating frameworks for building a national innovation infrastructure and drafting interactive curricula on entrepreneurship to conducting practical workshops on how to successfully pitch to funders and create winning presentations for grants and competitions.

ACIR provides innovation infrastructure analysis, market review and technology commercialization assessments, international commercialization assistance, incubator management training as well as workshops on SBIR funding, technology analysis methodologies, refining value propositions, creating the ideal business pitches and targeting your market and your customer.


Nexus is an initiative by the U.S. Embassy in India to showcase American best practices in incubation and to support the growing Indian entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. ACIR was brought in to create a central hub (Nexus) for entrepreneurs, innovators, government agencies, industry players and funding organizations to come together and collaborate to promote Indian startups and strengthen the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
To increase the economic impact of entrepreneurs beyond their home countries, the South Asia Connect program was born. The Nexus incubation and training model was expanded to support entrepreneurs in the surrounding countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
While there are more women than ever starting and leading businesses, female entrepreneurs still face some unique challenges. Lack of funding, networks of successful mentors, social expectations and education in business skills have been listed as primary obstacles to women starting and growing their businesses.