Promoting Women's Entrepreneurship

While there are more women than ever starting and leading businesses, female entrepreneurs still face some unique challenges. Lack of funding, networks of successful mentors, social expectations and education in business skills have been listed as primary obstacles to women starting and growing their businesses.

Whether it’s supporting “traditional businesses” like art, handicrafts and services, or more technology-based startups, ACIR can provide the content, experts and curricula to create in-depth, impactful programs focusing on women. ACIR has conducted workshops in multiple cities in India, China, and in Paraguay. One initiative conducted through Nexus was the Aspiring Women’s Program, which focused on female university students.

The program took the participants through a series of experiential learning sessions to understand the potential of their business ideas and how to take those innovative ideas and create a viable business. In addition to the workshops in India, the most promising startups were sent for two weeks to Austin, Texas, one of the top startup centers in the United States. There at the University of Texas, the women networked with local students and entrepreneurs to explore commercial opportunities in both the Indian and U.S. markets.