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Cam Houser

Cam Houser has guided entrepreneurship communities in 30 countries across five continents. His work–designing and delivering entrepreneurship and innovation programs–helps universities, corporations, and governments support the people who solve problems, create jobs, and propel economies. Over 15,000 entrepreneurs and innovators achieving 10 exits and raising $187 million in capital have participated in programs led or designed by Cam.

He is the Founder and CEO of Actionworks, a training company that helps founders and innovators leverage the entrepreneurial mindset. The methodology is based on a decade of experience in the field and insights generated from an AI trained on business literature. His clients include Apple, Ariel Corporation, and Texas Executive Education at the University of Texas.

Cam is best known as the founder of 3 Day Startup, an entrepreneurship education organization running short-format programs in hundreds of ecosystems. During his 10 years as Founding CEO, he scaled the program to 250 universities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT) and led the effort to translate the model to help over 20 corporations (Daimler, KPMG, Dell).

In addition to founding and running companies, Cam is an internationally recognized entrepreneurship expert and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, including visiting professor stints at Universidad Rosario (Colombia) and the University of Southern Queensland (Australia).

He holds a BA from Davidson College and an MBA from the University of Texas.