The White House recognises ACIR run Nexus Program

Very proud to be highlighted in the White House Briefing on US-India initiatives making a difference. The Nexus program continues to bring U.S. best practices in entrepreneurship to Indian startups.

In the last 4 years since its founding, ACIR’s Nexus program has graduated 13 cohorts of 153 Indian startups, who have gone on to raise over $20 million dollars in outside funding and forged over 70 deals with U.S. companies.

In preparation for President Biden hosting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to forge closer ties between the two leading Indo-Pacific powers, the White House issued a Briefing Fact Sheet on leading initiatives between the U.S. and India and included ACIR’s Nexus incubation program as one of those successful programs that continue to make a large impact.

We at ACIR are proud of our work in India and look forward to continue helping Indian startups grow and be successful in their entrepreneurial journey!